The film 9 1/2 weeks has been popping into my mind lately (it was my favorite in 1986 ). So my husband and I watched it the other night and I can tell you it was much better in my teenage memory (still good though). Talking about fashion  inspiration from a movie I absolutely love the clothes Kim Basinger wore in this one and... it reminded me that Mickey Rourke was hot once :) I love the 80´s .  I believe that 9 1/2 weeks represents the 80´s at its best:)
Xx Áróra


  1. Ég verð að sjá þessa mynd! Hef aldrei séð hana. Flott föt!
    Mickey Rourke er nánast óþekkjanlegur!

  2. Já þú verður endilega að sjá þessa mynd:-)

  3. I have been thinking of it too - basically 50 shades of grey is the book to this movie... kinky rich boy meets gorgeous young girl... etc etc :)you know the rest... so many parallels incl food etc