Norwegian home ready for Christmas

I stumbled upon this beautiful Norwegian home on pinterest ( my favorite hangout place). It is far from typical Scandinavian Christmas decoration, more like American modern country... :-)

Xx, Áróra

images - kk.no 


A perfect match


I'm loving subway tiles and wooden floors in the bathroom. Some may argue it is not the best idea to have wood floor in the bathroom because it is probably the most humid room in the house (long hot baths, showers...) I have had wooden floors in my bathroom for years without any trouble:-) But I'm missing the tiles, so next on the agenda is to put subway tiles on the walls.

Xx, Áróra 

images: iewr.zmags.com cottageandwine.blogspot.com fleainfrance.tumbrl.com theclassyissue.com



Her style - Camille Rowe

Camille Rowe, French-American actress and model mixes the classic nonchalant French style with the cool and a little messy American style. Think Erin Wasson meets Jane Birkin. I love all her fur jackets, especially the multi color Isabel Marant one which is probably my single most favorite fur coat of all times!

xx Eva

Images: manrepeller.com, estilo-tendances.com, theepitomeofquiet.tumblr.com, wwd.com, thefashionspot.com


Seeing red

Three designer items that will brighten up your winter wardrobe AND save you some cash.

Étoile Isabel Marant sweater
Acne suede boots
Proenza Schouler small cross body bag



We always meet again

We always meet again clothing collection is the newest addition to the label Helicopter, by Icelandic  designer Helga Lilja Magnúsdóttir. This collection is the best I've seen from an Icelandic designer in a while. It's so good that I, a mere fashion layman, took the opportunity to enter it for the Icelandic design prize. I don't know what got into me but I was fascinated by the 90's vibe, the materials and the story behind it. We always meet again refers to the kind of awquardness of a relationship that didn't last, past and present feelings and the fact that you will meet again. This story is told quite literally by some of the pieces that make you wear the whole in your heart and feelings on your sleeve. Check it out here

xx Eva
Images: hcptr.com, schonmagazine.com


A little Yeezy inspiration for you, since we will probably not be getting any of those insanely priced pieces that have already hit the stores. The sporty, normcore theme is something I can relate to though and something I'd like to wear in the cold. Last sunday I woke up to tons of snow..I was staying in a summer cabin and it would have been more practical for the long afternoon walk had I brought some (or all) of the above items with me. Winter is apparantly here and it's freezy ;)

66north parka
mother denim sweatshirt
nike camouflage tech fleece pants
american apparel recycled yarn socks
elizabeth and james suede bag
nike huarache boots
xx Eva


My new favorite jeans

Skinny jeans have been part of my everyday uniform for years. I tried the boyfriend jeans for a while but they are not my cup of tea. I've finally found an alternative, the black flared cropped jeans. I bought a pair of black flared jeans in March and had until today only worn them once. They are now my new favorite jeans...after I went at them with a pair of scissors :) Emmanuelle Alt and Jayne Min wore them at NYFW and those two are my source of inspiration for this "DIY-project". 

xx Eva

Images: collagevintage.com, styledumonde.com


Three recipes I want to try

The fall is here! When the weather starts to cool, it's the perfect time to make some heartwarming stews or soups. I'm definitely going to try these three recipes. I guess I will start with the vietnamese stew, looks delicious:-)

Moroccan lamb chili

Xx, Áróra


Wanted - Oversize grey blazer


When I find the perfect grey/melange slightly oversize blazer, my wardrobe will be complete. Sort of. This is a staple in the wardrobe of les femmes françaises and Isabel Marant is typically the master of the creation. I'm on a hunt for an affordable version and will report back when I find it.

x Eva

Images: whowhatwear.com, vogue.fr, forum.glamour.de, muus.tumblr.com


Her style - The Fashionpolish

One of my all time favorite blogs is Sidsel Alling's blog Fashionpolish. I've been following (stalking) her for a while and she always inspires me with her simple but on point ensembles. What I love about her outfit posts is that she is very unpretentious, laid-back and consistent in her choices. You don't see her standing in a doll like pose with a pout, waving the latest designer it-bag. Black, grey and navy are her go to colors and she wears sneakers most of the time, like many of her fellow Danish fashion bloggers (I'm digging the determined practical style of the forever bicycling Danes). Her style can be described as minimalist and hardcore normal at its very best :)

xx Eva

All images: Fashionpolish


Things I love

Reykjavik / Atlantic ocean

I'm not really good at being in the moment, meditating or reminding myself of the things I can and should be thankful for. I want to be better at that. So here are some "things", activities, connections, details, situations and emotions in life that I love.

The ocean. It calms me somehow. Even when it‘s cold and dark and the waves are ruffled by the wind. I live near the North Atlantic and I love that I can see a tiny bit of it from my living room window.

The smell of newly cut grass. It smells so much of spring and adventure!

Hysterical laughing outbursts. Earlier this summer my friend and I had to catch a flight and we were so late. We were in France and had to take a train to the airport. We were standing on this train station platform and I just jumped nervously into the nearest train, my friend followed and the doors closed. She looked at me with the most terrifying expression and asked me if I was sure that this was the right train. I told her I was absolutely sure that this was the wrong train and we both burst into hysterical laughter and couldn't stop. We had no idea where we were going but luckily we didn't miss our flight.

Christmas songs on the radio. The radio stations in Iceland start playing Christmas songs in November! A little early maybe but I love listening to these nostalgic songs, especially when I‘m driving to work in the morning.

Private humor. I love when my daughter sends me messages, quotes or pictures that only she and I can understand. It makes me feel like we are this little gang, partners in crime that have this language that nobody else gets.

A really, really good book. I remember one time when one of my friends recommended this book to me and I just couldn't put it down. I even read it while I was cooking and it made me forget everything else and I somehow became a part of the story.

Red wine and a good conversation! I love going out with my best friends, to our favorite restaurant and just talk about nothing special and when we get a little tipsy we always get these totally „brilliant“ business ideas that we get so psyched about and then end up laughing about them the next day!

Pajamas, a good movie and a nap. I never get a better rest as when I‘m curled up on the couch in my pajamas and a good movie is playing. Preferably on a Sunday in the middle of the day.

Grandparents. I had the best grandma in the world and I love that my daughter has the best grandparents that she adores.

New York. I remember the first time I went there I was so in awe of the city that I didn't really enjoy it. I've been about ten times since and I love that city, even when it‘s January and freezing cold.


Image: DUSTY (Reykjavik / Atlantic ocean)