Chic kitchen in Stockholm

This beautiful kitchen (and bathroom) belongs to Hannah and Christopher Bastin and their daughters Irma and Klara. This family of four lives in Stockholm. You can see more images of their home here

images elledecoration.se


Her style - Morgane Bedel

I made a "Morgane Bedel" style board on Pinterest while she was still working at French Elle. I couldn't understand why there were so few pictures of her on the internet then. Since, she has moved on to French Vogue, has just been featured on Garance's blog and finally we get to see some more images of her wardrobe and chic Parisian style. I love her tousled hair, her laid back outfits and the fact that she is often seen wearing the same thing more than once (oh man I'm so tired of seeing bloggers and fashionistas wearing expensive, expendable labels head to toe) and nobody wears a Canadian tuxedo and flats combo better then Bedel :)

xxx Eva

Images: Garance Doré, Harper's Bazaar, Style de Monde, Vogue.es


In the kitchen - Seed crackers

The other day, I was flipping through the photos on my IPhone and found this one of the seed crackers dough I made months ago. This morning a made it again! I bet this Mustard roasted broccoli pâté with leeks & lemon is the perfect spread on it.

Seed crackers recipe

1 dl pumpkin seeds
dl sesame seeds
1 dl flax seeds
1 dl sunflower seeds
3 1/2 dl whole grain wheat
1 tsp baking powder
1 dl oil
1 1 / 2-2 dl water
pinch of Maldon salt

Heat the oven to 150°

  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Spoon onto sheet pan which is covered with waxed paper (baking paper) 
  3. Cover the mixture with a waxed paper. Even out the mixture with a rolling pin  after you spread it out, remove the paper and bake in the oven for about 35 - 40 minutes. 
Xx, Áróra 


Home in Kempten Bavaria

Petra and Eddie  are both photographers live in this beautiful house with their three teenagers in Kempten Bavaria in Germany. I´m loving their style,  monochrome, industrial, mix and match. I can see  quite a few items there that I have in my own home:-) 

Xx, Áróra 

images/ vosgesparis.com 

The most perfect outfit

How simple and perfect. Black skinny jeans, black booties and a pretty white top. I might even have something similar in my closet!

xxx Eva


The black wide headband

This nineties trend is back. Which is a good thing... at least for me. I'm growing out my bangs (!) which is a pain in the butt so I'm quite happy to see the wide headband back in fashion, if not only for pure practical reasons. Danish blogger Andrea Petrea (bottom picture) manages to pull of two trends in one hairdo: The long bangs and the wide headband... what's not to love? :)

xxx Eva

Images: style.com, Cover magazine


Valentines day

So how do you feel about Valentines day? This should be a day where you celebrate love and lovers but somehow it tends to fall in the same category as Monday for many people, a day you love to hate. It is understandable that if you are single... (it's not like you're getting a day off from work) and you are constantly having mushy advertisements shoved down your throat, that this day is nothing in particular other than annoying. So what if you are a couple? You are still not getting a day off from work and the ad's are just as irritating... even more so...because you feel the pressure to do something and buy stuff. I'm not taking parts with neither side. This day has always been pleasantly unremarkable in my calender.That will probably not change. But... it is February (it's not like there is sooo much going on) and celebrating love in whatever shape or form has to be a good thing. 

French toast with strawberries...best served in bed

Pretty peonies...would brighten my day

Cocktails...best served with friends

Paris is always a good idea and I'd love to dine here

xxx Eva

Images: lavenderfresh.tumblr.com, madebygirl.blogspot.com, pinterest.com and see links above


In the kitchen - Meatless monday

This one is perfect for meatless Monday's. It's light and healthy and so easy to make. It only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Tortilla roles with cottage cheese and kidney beans 

1 pack tortilla's

Cottage cheese 
1 can kidney beans
1 jar of salsa 
Grated cheese

Preheat the oven 170°

In a bowl mix the cottage cheese, grated cheese and the kidney beans. Divide cheese mixture between the tortillas, roll them up and put them in a baking dish and pour the salsa sauce  over. Close the baking dish with aluminum foil. Put it in the hot oven and heat for about 20 minutes,

Hér er ein gömul og góð 

Tortillur með kotasælu og nýrnabaunum

1 pakki tortillur 

1 stór dós kotasæla
hálfur poki rifinn ostur
1 dós nýrnabaunir 
1 krukka salsa sósa

Hitið ofninn í 170°

Blandið saman kotasælu, osti og nýrnabaunum 
Skiptið ostablöndunni á milli tortillanna, rúllið þeim upp og raðið í smurt
eldfast form. Hellið salsasósunni yfir lokið forminu með álpappír. Setjið inn í heitan
ofninn og hitið í sirka 20 mín eða þar til þetta er orðið heitt í gegn.

XX, Áróra


Spotting - PVC

Shiny PVC pants pop up now and again and they have re-surfaced at least they did during the recent Copenhagen fashion week. This is a trend I'll pass even if I love this look :) Check out Diesel's current PVC pant model here

xxx Eva

Images: theurbanspotter.com, northlittle.dk, popsugar,com, thefashiondirectories.com, vanil-la-city.tumblr.com


Suit up

I am really keen on the pantsuit right now. It can be styled quite versatile with a lace top and heels or a t shirt and flats. I love the color on the suit Kate is wearing and the matching clutch.

Check out these options Topshop / Jör

xxx Eva

Images: styledumonde.com, whowhatwar.com, dailymail.co.uk


My name is...

I have been wearing a lot of button down men's shirts lately and I've been thinking of getting them all monogrammed. Just kidding. Seriously though there is something very cool about wearing your initials or even your whole name on a piece of clothing or an accessory - and what a pretty gift to give.

xxx Eva

Images: thefashionsquad.com, whowhatwear.com, pyjamas: Equipment


So chic in paris

James Merrell photographed this beautiful bohemian Parisian flat for Living etc. This mixed style with all this gorgeous art work  and quirky pieces here and there works perfectly. 

Xx, Áróra

images livingetc.com