Christmas wreaths

My plan is to finish the Christmas cleaning and put up the Christmas decorations next weekend, except for the tree, that can wait a bit longer. As I have mentioned before I don't decorate much, except for one room in the house, my eleven years old, where it looks like Christmas wonderland. For the rest of the house  I want to have everything clean but a wreath is a must. Here you can learn to make your own wreath.

Xx, Áróra

images: stinemoss.blogspot.com bobedre.dk 


Christmas is just around the corner

I am such a minimalist especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas. Although I do not decorate much my self am I quite passionate about it. I have a white advent - light  I have not used in years, so when I saw this picture, I got the idea to spray (or paint) it black.

Xx, Áróra 

image: trendenser.se 


What Katie Ate at the weekend

As I have mentioned before am I a big fan of Katie Quinn Davies. Kate is one of the best food photographer / stylist out there and she writes her own recipes to. Check out her blog here Her latest book What Katie ate at the weekend came out last month.I can't wait to get my hands on it! 

Xx, Áróra

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Baby love me lights out

These light-boxes from the Stockholm based company Bxxlght are brilliant! I have to get one over my bed... or have one custom made (for every room in my house!). You can order them online and they are affordable. A small lightbox costs € 410 and the bigger one € 510. Order them here - I warn you it's like getting a tattoo - You'll hope you won't regret your choice :) Let's get creative....

xxx Eva

images: bxxlght.tumblr.com


Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs  are traditionally hand-woven in Morocco. They come in many different patterns and color. The Beni Ourain tribe from the Rif Mountains make their wool rugs more often in neutral shades and ordered geometric shapes which is a perfect match to the minimialistic style of Scandinavian homes. I love these rugs, they are pretty and cozy and would add more warmth to my petit living room.

xxx Eva

Images: cococozy.com, oraclefoxblog.com, architecturaldigest.com, pinterest.

Skin and scents

Skin and scents

These products look so delicious and would make the perfect holiday gifts

1  Create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with L'Occitane relaxing pillow mist, containing essential oils from lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium.
2  MAD et LEN hand poured scented candles come from the south of France. The candles contain essential oils and come in a beautiful rustic brushed black steel vessel. I adore scented candles and would love to add this one to my home.

3 Crema Al Polline from Florence's Santa Maria Novella 400 year old stunning Apothecary. Who can resist that? Florence is one of my favorite cities and I cannot believe that I only discovered this gem recently!

4  For luminous skin this facial serum from Icelandic company Purity herbs is worth trying. It contains sea buckthorne oil and avocado oil.

5  Mojave Ghost is a new addition to Byredo's family of perfumes, with top notes of ambrette and Jamaican nesberry. I love the name and can't wait to try this fragrance.

xxx Eva


The brick walls are there for a reason

I don't know why but I'm obsessed with brick walls these days:-) If I had one (or two) I would probably paint them white...

Xx, Áróra

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The ugliest shoes... now I love them!

I wear heels, wedges or platforms every day. I'm like Posh spice, I can't think in flats. I really want to wear brogues or trainers, I just never do because they make me feel like a tiny pot belly pig. I bought Isabel Marant Bekket wedge trainers the second they came out, but soon everyone was wearing them, real or fake. I spotted these Nike Lunarlite sky hi a while ago and didn't give them a chance at first glance (well, I thought they were ugly). Then I saw Sidsel Alling from Fashionpolish.dk wearing them and now I have to try them on! You can check them out here and here (Iceland).

xxx Eva

Image: footlocker, fashionpolish.dk


The long bangs

Growing out bangs is painful. That stage where the bangs are neither short or long.... and when you pass people on the street and you think they are looking at you funny... you just want to scream "YES I'm growing out my bangs!!" Well not any more. The long bangs are sort of  like the ombre hair color, where it looked like you were in this weird stage of trying to decide whether or not to grow out highlights - before everyone started to color it that way on purpose. This is kind of the same concept... People are now cutting long bangs. Just do a middle parting and you are totally on trend!

xxx Eva

Images: stylebistro.com, blameitonfashion.freshnet.com, elin-kling.com/thewall


Södermalm Stockholm

I am loving this beautiful Swedish apartment it is so chic. I can't believe it is only 36m2! 

Xx, Áróra

images/ fantasticfrank.se 


Isabel Marant Heleri coat

Say hello to the Heleri coat from Isabel Marant. It's from the fall winter 2014 collection and has already been put to use by two favorite Parisiennes, Geraldine Saglio and Morgane Bedel. Somehow this simple quilted coat is the perfect piece of clothing, with or without a belt. Love.

Þessi hrikalega fallegi jakki úr vetrarlínu Isabel Marant er farinn að sjást á götum Parísaborgar og það eru ofurskutlurnar Geraldinu Saglio frá franska Vogue og Morgane Bedel frá franska Elle sem eru með svona góðan smekk. Þessi látlausi jakki er einhvern veginn hin fullkomna flík með belti eða beltislaus.

xxx Eva

Images: isabelmarant.fr, lacooletchic.tumblr.com, styledumonde.com


In the kitchen - Hummus with sundried tomatoes

This is my favorite hummus, sometimes I add cilantro or basil.  Hummus is so easy to make. I really don't now why I don't make it more often... 
  • 1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes (drained or re-hydrated)
  • 2 tablespoons  tahini
  • 1 clove garlic
  •  lemon juice (~1 lemon)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil or the oil from the sun dried tomatoes  
  • salt, pepper and cayenne to taste
Puree the chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and oil in a food processor adding more oil or water if necessary to bring it to the consistency that you like. Add salt, pepper and cayenne to taste.

Þetta hummus er ótrúlega einfalt og gott, ef ég á kóríander eða basil bæti ég því við. 

Það sem til þarf

1 dós kjúklingabaunir
1/2 krukka sólþurrkaðir tómatar
2 msk thaini
safi úr einni sítrónu
1 hvítlauksrif
2 msk ólífuolía eða olían af sólþurrkuðu tómötunum
salt, pipar og cayenne pipar

Allt sett í matvinnsluvél (eða blandara) maukið:-)

Xx, Áróra


Snow boots

Snow boots

I really need to be a little more practical regarding winter boots. I end up ruining most of my shoes during winter because I wear them out in the snow. I tend to think that they will make it because I'll only be running a few steps to or from the car. In addition to ruining my shoes my feet are always freezing cold! I really like the boots  with the shearling lining, they look so warm and comfortable.

1. Ganni leather and suede boots / 2. Zara lace-up boots  / 3. Ugg leather clogs / 4. Isabel Marant shearling lined boots

Ég þarf að fara að finna mér einhverja almennilega kuldaskó. Ég eyðilegg alla skóna mína í snjónum á veturna. Ég held alltaf að skórnir hafi það af þar sem ég er bara rétt að skreppa út í bíl eða inn í búð en það er nóg til að skórnir láti á sjá. Fyrir utan það að mér er alltaf skít kalt! Ég er mjög hrifin af þessum loðfóðruðu skóm, þeir líta út fyrir að vera sérléga hlýjir og mjúkir.

xxx Eva


Would you wear Gucci loafers?

Would you wear the classic Gucci loafers? I think they look cool when styled correctly but can look equally horrible if not. They come in different materials and patterns - even glitter which are very MJ :)

Myndir þú gefa þessum Gucci mokkasínum tækifæri? Mér finnst þær mjög flottar við rétta dressið en geta jafnframt verið hræðilega kerlingalegar ef svo er ekki. Mokkasínurnar fást í mörgum efnum og litum - meira að segja þaktir glimmeri.

xxx Eva

Images: lacooletchic.tumblr.com