Wanted - Oversize grey blazer


When I find the perfect grey/melange slightly oversize blazer, my wardrobe will be complete. Sort of. This is a staple in the wardrobe of les femmes françaises and Isabel Marant is typically the master of the creation. I'm on a hunt for an affordable version and will report back when I find it.

x Eva

Images: whowhatwear.com, vogue.fr, forum.glamour.de, muus.tumblr.com


Her style - The Fashionpolish

One of my all time favorite blogs is Sidsel Alling's blog Fashionpolish. I've been following (stalking) her for a while and she always inspires me with her simple but on point ensembles. What I love about her outfit posts is that she is very unpretentious, laid-back and consistent in her choices. You don't see her standing in a doll like pose with a pout, waving the latest designer it-bag. Black, grey and navy are her go to colors and she wears sneakers most of the time, like many of her fellow Danish fashion bloggers (I'm digging the determined practical style of the forever bicycling Danes). Her style can be described as minimalist and hardcore normal at its very best :)

xx Eva

All images: Fashionpolish


Things I love

Reykjavik / Atlantic ocean

I'm not really good at being in the moment, meditating or reminding myself of the things I can and should be thankful for. I want to be better at that. So here are some "things", activities, connections, details, situations and emotions in life that I love.

The ocean. It calms me somehow. Even when it‘s cold and dark and the waves are ruffled by the wind. I live near the North Atlantic and I love that I can see a tiny bit of it from my living room window.

The smell of newly cut grass. It smells so much of spring and adventure!

Hysterical laughing outbursts. Earlier this summer my friend and I had to catch a flight and we were so late. We were in France and had to take a train to the airport. We were standing on this train station platform and I just jumped nervously into the nearest train, my friend followed and the doors closed. She looked at me with the most terrifying expression and asked me if I was sure that this was the right train. I told her I was absolutely sure that this was the wrong train and we both burst into hysterical laughter and couldn't stop. We had no idea where we were going but luckily we didn't miss our flight.

Christmas songs on the radio. The radio stations in Iceland start playing Christmas songs in November! A little early maybe but I love listening to these nostalgic songs, especially when I‘m driving to work in the morning.

Private humor. I love when my daughter sends me messages, quotes or pictures that only she and I can understand. It makes me feel like we are this little gang, partners in crime that have this language that nobody else gets.

A really, really good book. I remember one time when one of my friends recommended this book to me and I just couldn't put it down. I even read it while I was cooking and it made me forget everything else and I somehow became a part of the story.

Red wine and a good conversation! I love going out with my best friends, to our favorite restaurant and just talk about nothing special and when we get a little tipsy we always get these totally „brilliant“ business ideas that we get so psyched about and then end up laughing about them the next day!

Pajamas, a good movie and a nap. I never get a better rest as when I‘m curled up on the couch in my pajamas and a good movie is playing. Preferably on a Sunday in the middle of the day.

Grandparents. I had the best grandma in the world and I love that my daughter has the best grandparents that she adores.

New York. I remember the first time I went there I was so in awe of the city that I didn't really enjoy it. I've been about ten times since and I love that city, even when it‘s January and freezing cold.


Image: DUSTY (Reykjavik / Atlantic ocean)


Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress!

I'm looking for the perfect black lace dress - any ideas where I can find one? I am counting on the shops will be full of all kinds of lace garments in the fall:-) 

Xx Áróra

images instyle.com brokenadchic.com 


Bare faced

Bare faced

On a good day this is what goes on may face.... and it's just the beginning. We're still missing blush, bronzer, eye pencil, mascara, brow gel and what have you... No wonder I always feel like I need to catch an early flight when I wake up in the morning. Putting on a decent face takes time and in my case it's something that comes with age(ing). Gone are the days of the blue Nivea cream that lasted a whole year.

1. Embryolisse cream and lip gloss. I am not very faithful when it comes to moisturizers but I tend to rotate. Embryolisse is a good and inexpensive one and I really like this travel size with the lip gloss attached to it.

2. This eye cream is a splurge! I probably won't be buying it again even though I love it. The price-tag is just too much.

3. Sensai foundation. I just got this and I quite like it. It doesn't leave my (completeley dry) skin matte (it acts as a moisturizer) and it has SPF. 

4. Mac strobe cream. Well now I'm realizing that the products are not in the correct order in the picture ;) This one comes on last. Just a little dab on the cheek-bones,  and it gives a nice dewy glow.

5. This should have come before the foundation... as it says..Step 1. Right on top of the moisturizer. This thin green fluid primer is meant to even out red and it might just be doing the job. I've only used it for about two weeks so I'm still deciding if it's a keeper.

6. This is my all time favorite product. It is a heavy thick concealer that goes underneath the nostrils and on other red areas. I've got it in both 8 and 10 and both are good on me.

7. I should have started using this brush a looong time ago under my eyes to conceal dark circles. I have the lightest shade and it works, even though I thought it would be much too light.

x Eva


The real life Carrie Bradshaw...!

It's been a while since we saw some new SATC material, so we can only imagine what Carrie would be wearing right now. If anyone reminds me of Carrie it's Brazilian blogger Martha Graeff. All her outfits look like they have been impeccably styled by Patrica Field!
Check out her blog here

xxx Eva

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Three recipes I want to try

Is it possible to be addicted to spaghetti? I make spaghetti at least once a week sometimes twice:-) Here are three spaghetti recipes I found on pinterest I want to try...
Spaghetti with clams,  Spaghetti with tomato, bacon, mint and capers ,  Garlic butter spaghetti with spinach and Parmesan 

xx Áróra 


Pick of the day

I can't get enough of black suede or just suede in general for that matter - This jacket is also available in brown and they are both pretty gorgeous.

xxx Eva


Her style - Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Julia's style is ultra feminine and sexy - without being too flashy or glamorous. I'ts more sensual and pretty kind of sexy. She wears a lot of skirts and dresses, but she really mixes things up with color, print and texture. The mother of one, entrepreneur and daughter of the style icon, Carine Roitfeld, Julia obviously has good style in her dna.

xxx Eva

Images: wwd.com, whowhatwear.com, ello.co.jp, vogue.es, nymag.com+++


Looking for the dress

I'm getting married! Just kidding. I really don't like brides dresses but these three dresses above would be suitable for such an occasion. You can dance in them and more importantly, eat in them! The top one is from Celine's pre-fall collection.

xx Eva

Images: style.com, etsy.com, buzznet.com

Three years - three picks

The blog is three years old! Thanks for following us  :)
Even though it's June - you still need outerwear in Iceland. Here are three picks that I'd want in my closet.

Samsoe & Samsoe tweed jacket
Coach faux fur coat
Won Hundred leather jacket

xxx Eva