Suit up

I am really keen on the pantsuit right now. It can be styled quite versatile with a lace top and heels or a t shirt and flats. I love the color on the suit Kate is wearing and the matching clutch.

Check out these options Topshop / Jör

xxx Eva

Images: styledumonde.com, whowhatwar.com, dailymail.co.uk


My name is...

I have been wearing a lot of button down men's shirts lately and I've been thinking of getting them all monogrammed. Just kidding. Seriously though there is something very cool about wearing your initials or even your whole name on a piece of clothing or an accessory - and what a pretty gift to give.

xxx Eva

Images: thefashionsquad.com, whowhatwear.com, pyjamas: Equipment


So chic in paris

James Merrell photographed this beautiful bohemian Parisian flat for Living etc. This mixed style with all this gorgeous art work  and quirky pieces here and there works perfectly. 

Xx, Áróra

images livingetc.com 


In the kitchen - Homemade tortillas

Images from our http://instagram.com/dustyreykjavik
Happy new year! We are back! I decided to kick off 2015 on the blog with this simple tortilla recipe. If you haven't made your own tortilla yet, I dare you to try it is so much easier than you think.

5 dl wheat
½-1 teaspoon salt
½ dl olive oil
1 ½ dl hot water
extra flour to roll out

Put all ingredients in a bowl and knead together (I used the dough hook on my  KitchenAid mixer) and mix until the mixture becomes this dough.
Divide the dough into eight parts and roll them out in round tortillas. Fry it  for 1-2 minutes on each side in a hot pan.

Xx, Áróra


Inspiration - Red dress

I love red dresses :) The perfect Christmas party outfit!

xxx Eva

Images: northlittle.com, athensstreetstyle.com, highestheels.tumblr.com, vogue.com, harpersbazaar.com


Her style - Ellinor Stigle

Ellinor Stigle is a Swedish Photographer based in New York. Her style is minimalistic and unisex with a lot of black and structured pieces. It looks like comfort plays a key role in the way she dresses and the weather is not an obstacle for being stylish yet appropriately put together.

xxx Eva

Images: as-usual-ny.blogspot.com, le-21eme.com, anunknownquantity.com


Gorgeous home in Sweden

These beautiful images are of Marie Olsson Nylander, interior stylist home (by the way is now up for sale). 2 years ago I posted these of her previous home. I love how she mixes different styles. I could so see myself move in:-) 

Xx, Áróra


Parties are held and festive food is served...

I love these contrasts - Gold sequins and a plain grey t-shirt and silver leather paired with a dark mink sweatshirt. It's the perfect way to look good without feeling overly done :)

xxx Eva

Images: wheretogetit.it, helen-glory.com, images.vogue.it, nastymagazine.com


Black and gold

Black and gold

Come December, all the sparkly things arrive in the shops. I'm not so keen on too much glitter and shine but it's festive and little goes a long way when your whole outfit is monochrome (as in all black), it's ok to add a bit of bling :) 

Headband / Topshop
Small studded suede pouch / Indiska
Watch (similar) / Chanel
Bracelet (similar) / Aurelie Biedermann
Studded boots / Chloé

xxx Eva


Her style - Rebecca Dayan


Beautiful French actress Rebecca Dayan wears a lot of skirts and dresses, short or long, often with slits and her style is generally very feminine and very pretty. Black and white are her go to colors but never boring as she's good at accessorizing with hats, scarves, metallic boots and bags in contrasting colors to the rest of her outfits. 

xx Eva

Images: zimbio.com