Faux cils * high heels & pixie dust kisses

Naja Conrad Hansen / Images: meannorth.com

Hidur Yeoman & Saga Sig / Images: Hildur Yeoman

Danny Roberts / Images: igor+andre
I adore fashion art. It is playful, colorful and charming. I have two beautiful pieces in my living room and would like to collect more. What I love about these pieces is that they aren't deep or symbolic (well not in the conventional artsy way). They aren't trying to be anything else than what they are -fashion art. They please the eye and evoke a certeain feeling of magic. -Maybe I'm being a tad bit nostalgic, but they kind of remind me of the eighties. :)
Xx Eva

Naja Conrad Hansen is a Danish designer and artist.

Hildur Yeoman a designer/illustrator - Saga Sig a fashion photographer are from Iceland.

Danny Roberts is a U.S. fashion illustrator.

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