Cocoa crush

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I have never been really fond of dark chocolate. Unfortunately that is the healthiest type, which allegedly has all kinds of health benefits, mainly on the cardiovascular system. So... - I have been trying some variants and always get equally disappointet in the bitter taste.

I try to eat healthy on a daily basis, always thinking that my food should contain nutrients, not just energy.  Crunchy m&m's wouldn't really fall into that food category. Therefore I've been trying to find dark chocolate that I like. It had to happen eventually. Today I bought a 100 g (a delicate, thin bar) of Toms Ekstra dark chocolate - and here is the twist - with licorice! Incredibly delicious. Unfortunately my daughter didn't share my passion for this one, so I ate the whole darn thing myself.

The base is dark chocolate with 60% cocoa content from Ghanaian cocoa beans, combined with sweet and salty licorice.
The taste of the chocolate is developed in wooden trays, which, supposedly, gives it richer aroma and this method should also be gentler on the environment. And get this. There is a SERIES of these chocolates. Besides licorice there is one with orange flavor, a combination of mint and caramel and one with blackberry. Also there is a pure chocolate flavored one with 70% cocoa content. The one I tried today has an unexpected zest. First it tasted like the usual bitter dark chocolate but the aftertaste had a devine blend of sweet licorice and the significant salty licorice . Next time I'll go for the mint/caramel combination and try to just nibble on it for at least a few days (!) Yummy :)
Xx Eva

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