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Jacket/Topshop - Tee/American Vintage - Watch/Timex - Ring/Sophie Bille Brahe - Jeans/JBrand - Shades/Ray Ban - Boots/Isabel Marant -   Bracelet/House of Harlow - Bag/Celine - Belt/Hilfiger
I sometimes envy those women who are always consistant in their style choices. When asked, they can define their style easily. "Minimalistic with a dash of rock'n'roll", "classic with a few statement pieces to make it more interesting", "bohemian yet trendy"(ok I´m making these lame definitions up as I go along…). My 'style'is all over the place and unpredictable. My whole wardrobe often ends up as a pile on my bedroom floor because I can get the feeling that nothing goes together. For work I'm fine – For special occasions, and sometimes quite ordinary occasions, I'm more often than not - lost. I don't have time to think too much about what to put on and I would love for it to be less complicated for me to put an outfit together and still feel like "me" (not the "all over the place and unpredictable" part). Yesterday I spotted this impeccable couple with matching styles, "preppy – chic". Dark- blue, grey, denim and classic labels were the main ingredients, without being boring. They were also incredibly good looking, which helps :). I tried to put together an outfit-inspiration with some of the same ingredients. I'm sure that the couple would never go for the t-shirt (I started of with a classic light-blue button-up shirt but couldn't resist replacing it with this t-shirt, which I'm totally ambivalent about). The tee is a reminder of my: oh so many impulse choices. Xx Eva

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