Cold feet

Begga and her twin :)

Kron Kron shoes

The finished product:
Vivienne Westwood dress//Chie Mihara sandals
American Apparel clutch//Ray Ban shades
Trash: C/o neighbours :)
Special occasions are a tricky one. You rarely have anything ready in your closet when they pop up. Weddings are no exception. And then there are rules: No white and no black. Then there are days where there are more than one event that you have to attend and the dress has to be suitable for both of them. Yesterday there was a college graduation on top of a wedding reception. Begga, the busy twin mom had ONE HOUR to shop for a dress and shoes. The three of us went together and managed to do both even though there was a slight credit card mal-function - Which luckily was quickly resolved. The dress is sooo versatile and comfortable and the black shoe-sandals have the perfect heel. Important when you are juggling kids. Both the dress and the shoes can be worn all year round. We only went to two stores and the mission was accomplished.
Xx from Dusty-Reykjavik

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