Pure skin

My 16 year old daughter just came home from a  vacation in the south of Spain. Before she went I made sure to stock up on sunscreen - SPF 50 for her fair skin and also some aloe vera after sun lotion. She came home with some freckles and a hint of a tan but she brought back the bottle of after sun and told me it contained "unhealthy stuff" -meaning parabens. In my eagerness to educate her about the dangers of sun rays I had forgotten about parabens. I usually go for cosmetics that are claimed to have no parabens - one of the reasons being that they might irritate my sensitive skin. When my daughter brought the parabens to my attention I decided to do some online research and realised that there are so many ingredients besides  parabens to look out for and try to avoid. My goal now is to consciously look for pure cosmetics and read the label before I hand out my credit card. One of the brands I came across while  researching was Sóley Organics. An Icelandic brand free from parabens amongst other things and the packaging is pretty. I haven't tried any of the products yet but I'm quite tempted.
Xx Eva                                       

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