Recently  - Well maybe for about a year or so, I have spotted in various beauty editorials, ad‘s, blogs and drugstores; The BB cream. I am not the one to jump on the latest trends when it comes to skincare products but since BB creams continue to emerge  I decided to read a little to see what the fuzz is about. It appears that this is not at all a new product. BB creams (blemish balms) have been hugely popular around Asia (specially Korea and Japan) for years. They just haven‘t been marketed heavily anywhere else until  recently. So.. what is it? From what I have read it‘s like a ten in one product! It‘s a base, moisturizer, sunblock, concealer, pore smoother, brightener, tightener, light foundation, blemish and wrinkle treatment and it soothes the skin. Yes that’s actually eleven!  The reviews are mixed as you would expect.  Some say you need to apply moisturizer on top (or maybe underneath), your skin can look oily and the color range is poor. Still most big skincare companies like Clinique, Dior and Estee Lauder have come out with a version and more are on their way.  Why would I want to buy one? Well convenience for one. I use moisturizer, eye-cream and concealer every day and SPF in the summer.  Also if this does something more like makes my skin illuminate or minimizes my pores that would be an added benefit. I hate when people ask me if I'm tired when I have had 10 hours of sleep and something in a jar that would (instantly) make me look young and well rested would be nice. I will definitely have to try one at least. If you are thinking about trying one it is probably a good idea to read the label first and find out which one would fit your skin. Especially if, like me, you have sensitive skin or skin prone to acne.  I will post again when I have done the In vivo research :)
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