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Michelle Williams' everyday style is very laid back and simple. Kind of University campus meets country-cabin-cool. She is known to dress to impress on the red carpet but I'm much more interested in her street-style to give me inspiration as I'm not the one to show up in floor length gowns to any event. My favorite of above outfits is the baggy jeans/tank top combo, topped off with the cute hat. Well... one might wonder why this obsession with clothes.. and as much as I hate to explain 'cause it sounds like I'm making excuses, I feel obliged to  make a little comment. Hillary Clinton was allegedly asked by a reporter once what clothes designer she preferred and instead of answering the question and embracing her womanhood (she does not look or dress like a man) she replied something along the line of: Would you ever ask a man that question? What would the point be? Most men in politics wear identical (read: boring) suits. What she could have done, if she wanted to help women, was to name a few well chosen female designers, and be proud of it. Women should not try to be men.  We (some of us) like to express ourselves with clothes and accessories, it's one way of being creative. I would probably get depressed if all men and women would be wearing the same suit, shirt and tie e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e d-a-y. And keeping in mind that this is an industry with a turnover of at least a couple of bucks...There seem to be a few of us that really care. Just sayin... ;)
Xx Eva

Images: elle.com, styleblog.ca, the chic pragmatist tumblr, zimbio, zimbio, zimbio,zimbio, popsugar.com, zimbio

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