Love Siobhan's short hair-cut (in the middle)
Knit/Isabel Marant from mytheresa // shirt/Topshop // Leather Jacket/Stine Goya // Hat/Topshop // Necklace/Topshop // Creeper boots/Topshop // Trousers/WoodWood

Do you remember this stylish trio? They had their greatest success from 1982-1989 and they had the most enviable style off all, with creepers, plaids and stripes. Their perfect full eyebrows and crazy hairdo's might just be coming back. Actually - not that you really want to know but Bananarama is still touring with their sweet and innocent pop-songs. Remember Venus and Robert DeNiro's waiting? No? Let me refresh your memory here and here
-What happened in the eighties should probably stay in the eighties :)
Xx Eva

All images: bananarama.co.uk

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