Zumba love

Trying to find a work-out that doesn't bore you to death, can be a challenge. Exactly one year ago I took my first zumba lesson and I was terrible - at least- I was very self-conscious when I was going left and everyone else was going right. I really thought that this wasn't for me. I kept on taking classes because I loved the music and after a few sessions I got the hang of it. What I love about it is that it doesn't feel like working out. It feels like dancing, laughing, sweating, celebrating - all your stress evaporates and your body is happy and tired afterwards. If you want to try zumba I recommend that you give it a go 2 or 3 times at least. When you learn the steps better you really start working out and sweating. Zumba is such a great mixture of salsa, meringue, belly dance, cumbia, reggeaton, hip-hop etc. and there are many different zumba classes. I've taken classes in a few countries and it's so much fun. People have been asking me if they can come to class if they are rigid and lack rhythm...The great thing about zumba is that it isn't that technical - It´s much more about enjoying the music, moving, shaking and sweating. If you have been thinking about going - come on and join the party :)
Xx Eva

Images from top: mindbodygreen.com, Áróra, keepingupwiththecases.com

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