There comes a time....

When are you simply too old for certain garments or trends? I have been known to wear clothes that other people might call costumes and better suited for such occasions... so I'm not overly sensitive to wear things that "might not suit my age" but rather have I asked myself "is this me?" referring to my taste in general. But.. inevitably there comes a time.. -For me that time was when I hit 40 a few months ago. Something happened. When I'm trying things on I catch myself mumbling: (another thing that happens around 40) "Am I too old for this?" and I find the answer to be: YES more and more often. Can you wear a cropped top at forty if you have killer toned abs (I'm not saying that I have them)? And I'm not talking about a celebrity wearing that to a Sports illustrated event. Can you still wear dungarees or do you just look silly? How about a wide brimmed hat? Even though you are not trying to hide...? PVC leggings? Multi colored trainers?? These are some of the things that I am ambivalent about and my age is getting in the way.
I sneak into my leather shorts now and then - wearing black tights and heels and think - who am I trying to fool here?! Do you, my fellow senior citizens have any thoughts on this?
XL Eva 

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