One step correcteur serum/Stila // Full cover waterproof concealer/ Makeup forever

When I was in San Francisco I bought these two products at SEPHORA. I have used both almost every day since! I'm not sure if they are making me any prettier but I still lik'em. The three-color Stila serum is very smooth and soft and I'm trying to convince myself that the green takes away some of the redness on my cheeks and around my nose. The Makeup forever concealer is really thick and I only apply it right on top of the serum - on the same red areas (it's to heavy for the under eye area, for that I'd probably use YSL Touche éclat or something similar). My face is dry like a desert in the wintertime and I'm using a lot of different products to try to give it some moisture. I use Embryolisse moisturizer in the morning and oils in the evening (I switch between the "home-made" ones and Nuxe - huile prodegieuse) or I use the EGF serum. It's still not enough. I should probably drink more water, eat more wisely and get more sleep. Why is that so hard?
Xx Eva

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