A weekend in D.C.

I spent the weekend in DC - locked up in meeting rooms most of the time - not at all a bad thing - A great conference and even though time was limited I can recommend some things. Just around the corner from the conference hotel I found this lovely vintage shop (I felt sooo lucky) called Via Gypset. I  spent my lunchtime in there both Friday and Saturday and got myself a black velvet bolero jacket with gold details and a little hippie top. I really really wanted the lavender fur coat (Boy band of outsiders) but it was too big. Via Gypset has a good selection of high end pieces as well as some more fun stuff....And they will have an online shop up and running soon - probably February. Of course I stopped by CVS and got bio oil (for my many scars), Cetaphil face wash, Burt's bees serum with royal jelly and travel size hair conditioner and heavy cream from Redken. If you want great food, go to Lincoln or Central Saint Michel Richard - OMG I got the best meals ever. Please order the mussels at Lincoln and the spinach salad at Central. These are not cheap restaurants but I'm telling you, they are well worth the money!
Xx Eva

Imges: Dusty, lincolnrestaurant-dc.com, centralmichelrichard.com

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