Puff jacket

Can you wear a puffer successfully unless you're at a ski-resort? I really don't know. I think SJP might be pulling it of in the last picture, but still it kind of looks like she's wearing a kid's sleeping bag. Check out Emmanuelle.. the jacket looks cool, maybe only because she's Emmanuelle and because she's wearing heels and skinny jeans. Otherwise she would look like she'd borrowed the thing from John Goodman. Maybe this might be one of those pieces of clothing that you really can't pull of unless you're "somebody" or you're all dressed up underneath it. I have an old black Moncler puffer that I wear occasionally and a yellow one that I got at the H&M men's department in New York last year.. (you think you look good in a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g after a couple of glasses of wine).. that I don't really wear (obviously) but when it's cold and snowing I have to admit that it can be practical. I think I do  prefer a parka though.
Xx Eva

Images from top: Carolines mode, Pure people, fabsugar.com, thetelegraph.co.uk,  shine.yahoo.com, flybybrightnight.blogspot.com, denimblog.com

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