Skin and scents

Skin and scents

These products look so delicious and would make the perfect holiday gifts

1  Create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom with L'Occitane relaxing pillow mist, containing essential oils from lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium.
2  MAD et LEN hand poured scented candles come from the south of France. The candles contain essential oils and come in a beautiful rustic brushed black steel vessel. I adore scented candles and would love to add this one to my home.

3 Crema Al Polline from Florence's Santa Maria Novella 400 year old stunning Apothecary. Who can resist that? Florence is one of my favorite cities and I cannot believe that I only discovered this gem recently!

4  For luminous skin this facial serum from Icelandic company Purity herbs is worth trying. It contains sea buckthorne oil and avocado oil.

5  Mojave Ghost is a new addition to Byredo's family of perfumes, with top notes of ambrette and Jamaican nesberry. I love the name and can't wait to try this fragrance.

xxx Eva

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