I'm sorry miss Olivia Pope!

Strong female T.V. characters keep on inspiring women's wardrobes as they always have. My own wardrobe was, while I was still a teen  inspired by the ever stylish Lisa Bonet aka Denise Huxtable. Especially during the Different World seasons. I taped every episode, watched them again and again and paused on each new outfit Denise wore and analysed it to pieces. My next silver screen crush was Carrie Bradshaw, but since then nobody has come even close to inspire me the least. Even Claire Underwood doesn't do it for me. Let alone Olivia Pope. Don't get me wrong, I've watched Scandal to oblivion, but those slacks... Ugh! A few days ago I noticed a Facebook status from one of my male friends, stating: "It's not hard to find your feminine side while watching Olivia Popes wardrobe choices".  I went: Seriously bro!?! I mean Kerry Washington is a fine woman but Olivia Pope's style choices are so sterile it kind of hurts. Well that's my opinion and there might be a good reason that there is now a term in the (urban) dictionary that rhymes with fortuneteller. I give up - My name is Eva and I'm a man repeller. Above are some non television related, inspiring goddesses, that have some admirable style, a good imagination and, last but not least, the man repelling factor :)

xxx Eva 
P.s. If you want to know if you are the same species as moi - take the test here 

Images: stockholmstreetstyle.com, vouge.nl, markdsikes.com, gracespain.tumblr.com, collagevintage.com


  1. Haha! What a hilarious and totally true post :) I'm also a self-confessed Man Repeller & loving it ;) Love your choice of style goddesses as well xxx

  2. Thank's Martina :) Glad to have a fellow man repeller reading and commenting :) Have a great evening!