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Want to know what Anna Wintour editor of American Vogue is wearing today? She is wearing a knee length, short sleeved, round-neck, printed dress (Prada), nude sling-back pumps (Manolo's), a crystal necklace, big black sunglasses and sitting on her head is the perfect blown out bob. Want to know what she'll be wearing tomorrow? Same thing. We are not talking about having a certain kind of style like let's say Kate Moss or Laura Bailey. We are talking exactly the same outfit every day. So why the sartorial lethargy? This woman sits front row at every fashion show, is friends with all the biggest designers alive and thus has access to every piece of garment you could ever only dream off. She works in fashion for crying out loud...which is supposed to be creative and constantly changing. My guess. She is a workaholic, holds a powerful job with a huge responsibility, she is structured and knows what feels comfortable yet presentable and  knows what suits her body type. This is almost no different from the suit and tie combo every business man wears every single day. Just the feminine version. So what she really is, is first and foremost, a businesswoman. Want to know what she never wears (aside from an all black outfit)? A bag. Why? Probably because there is no time for clutter. So even though my man repelling self might think that Anna Wintour has the worst style and most out-dated and boring outfit(s) known to mankind. She still holds the most powerful position in fashion. Respect.

xxx Eva

Images: coolspotters. com, dailymail.co.uk, zimbio.com, stylebistro.com

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