Bare faced

Bare faced

On a good day this is what goes on may face.... and it's just the beginning. We're still missing blush, bronzer, eye pencil, mascara, brow gel and what have you... No wonder I always feel like I need to catch an early flight when I wake up in the morning. Putting on a decent face takes time and in my case it's something that comes with age(ing). Gone are the days of the blue Nivea cream that lasted a whole year.

1. Embryolisse cream and lip gloss. I am not very faithful when it comes to moisturizers but I tend to rotate. Embryolisse is a good and inexpensive one and I really like this travel size with the lip gloss attached to it.

2. This eye cream is a splurge! I probably won't be buying it again even though I love it. The price-tag is just too much.

3. Sensai foundation. I just got this and I quite like it. It doesn't leave my (completeley dry) skin matte (it acts as a moisturizer) and it has SPF. 

4. Mac strobe cream. Well now I'm realizing that the products are not in the correct order in the picture ;) This one comes on last. Just a little dab on the cheek-bones,  and it gives a nice dewy glow.

5. This should have come before the foundation... as it says..Step 1. Right on top of the moisturizer. This thin green fluid primer is meant to even out red and it might just be doing the job. I've only used it for about two weeks so I'm still deciding if it's a keeper.

6. This is my all time favorite product. It is a heavy thick concealer that goes underneath the nostrils and on other red areas. I've got it in both 8 and 10 and both are good on me.

7. I should have started using this brush a looong time ago under my eyes to conceal dark circles. I have the lightest shade and it works, even though I thought it would be much too light.

x Eva

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