Her style - Another Kate

Stylist of the stars (including miss Williams) the cool Kate Young wears more or less all black and white herself, while she is not afraid of dressing her clients in bold color. Kate has a degree in art history and English from Oxford but her love of fashion came number one. She has been the assistant of Anna Wintour and she currently works for Jason Wu among other things. I love the last image of her and her husband and their son Stellan (they also have another son, Leif) - no glamour there - apart from Kate's platinum hair...which reminds me. I home colored my hair! Yes I'm sorry.. I did and I cut my bangs. I look like the freakin' Addams family now. Don't know what happened...It's all a blur.
Xx Eva

Images from top to bottom: marieclaire.com, thefashionspot.com, chicrepubliq.com, kaylinfitzpatrick.com, maimaishaute.com, The Selby

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