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My obsession with Paris France continues. The laid back chic look of  the Parisienne is admirable yet totally unattainable unless you're born and bred... Even though I'm posting pictures of the elite few with fascinating last names like Poesy, Frisbey and Paradis the funny thing is, that the whole lot actually looks like this! On my last night, when I was in Paris, I had the best pizza ever at Les Débats on Place Victor Hugo. A group of friends sat at the next table and almost made me forget to eat (doesn't really happen). The Parisian ladies sure know how to dress, impress and carry themselves - without looking made-up or overdone. I stumbled upon this hilarious blog-post on 'how to...' Even though we all know it's impossible... something might rub off :)
- I regretted not buying two things when I was in Paris, 1) Mur et musc, the perfume they all wear (which I tried a couple of times and couldn't decide if I liked until I was on the plane), Garance talks about it here. Now a friend of mine is in Paris and she sent me an e-mail asking for advice on what to do in the city and I sent her an e-mail back that was so long it could be published as a book... at the end of it I asked her, if she'd see a L'Artisan Parfumeur somewhere, could she buy the perfume for me? She obviously read the whole thing because my new scent is on it's way :) And oh... I'll tell you about the other regret later...
Xx Eva
Images Top to bottom: Julia Restoin Roitfeld/Caputcauda.com,Caroline de Maigret/harpersbazaar.com, Marine vacth/zimbio.com, Vanessa Paradis/zimbio.com,Charlotte Gainsbourg/forums.thefashionspot.com, Unknown/Pinterest, Clemence Poesy/Les nouvelles,Jeanne Damas/Jeanne Damas, Lou Doillon/nawalrmili.wordpress.com,.Astrid Berges Frisbey/mode.glamourparis.com

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