Coat: Burberry // Bag: Chanel // Watch: Cartier // Shoes: Church

I don't own one so called classic piece of clothing or accessory or even perfume for that matter. I'm the type that would rather go into H&M or Zara and buy 10 items at a time instead of saving up and holding my horses for a while and then splurge on a classic. When will I ever learn? I picked out a few classy classics - the Mozart's of style - that I wouldn't mind owning. Then we also have the Beatles, the Stones, Blondie and Nirvana... More on them later.
Xx Eva

P.s. I wouldn't want to wear all of those pieces at the same time - I would look like a 100 year old man - with a purse! Kudos to Mademoiselle Poesy for pulling it of.

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