Leather jacket/Topshop // turtleneck/Iro from youheshe // crossbody bag/Jerome Dreyfuss //
Skirt/Isabel Marant // Booties/9 West // Perfume/Coco Chanel // T/Marcus Lupfer from net-a-porter
A friend of mine (!) went on a blind date a couple of weeks ago. Totally blind. Who does that? Anyway... she had a nice evening with a handsome young (!) guy who was a total gentleman (Kudos to his mom). The funny thing was that they had NOTHING in common - they couldn't name one movie they both liked and they couldn't be in more different places in their lives. Well I was more concerned with what she wore to this date and when she told me "a simple black outfit because I didn't want to scare him of" I died a little. Why not have fun with it when the chances are that you will never ever meet this person again anyway?  Well maybe I should not be giving advice about outfits to people going to (dead - serious) events like blind dates. My fashion style rep is kind of man repelling (sometimes even women repelling). I once had the opportunity of witnessing a conversation between two men (better known as the fashion police) who were talking about yours truly:
Cop 1: "She dresses so strange - like a hippie-gypsy or something - it's so weird"
Cop 2: "Why don't you treat her to a boob-job?
Cop 1: "Boob - job?????"
Cop 2: "Yes - I did that for my wife, and she dresses totally different now".
These men were not even a little bit kidding - and yes I was the hippie-gypsy.
So for those who get scared of by clothes, I put together this neat "blind - date - outfit"  with just one repelling element :)
Love, Eva

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