Her style - Diane Kruger

Going to a Couture Show
Casually buying a new car
Picnic with a band playing
Running errands during the Cannes film festival
At the airport

Going to watch a tennis match
Shopping in Paris
Chillin at Coachella
Job interview?

As vain as I am, I'm SO bad at occasions. I do just fine at picking clothes - outfits - for the everyday life  but aside from that I rarely get it right. I don't understand why I'm so bad at this but these "occasions" include: Going to the gym, weddings, hiking and camping, job interviews... I could probably throw a few more in there. Some people just get it right - they would never wear odd socks to the gym or a 20 year old skiing jacket to a camping trip. It's like I get hit in the head with a heavy object because I start looking for something to wear in the back of my closet. Something I haven't worn for ages or maybe even something I have never worn before and should never ever be caught dead in. I mean I catch people eyeing me up and down and I hear them think "what is that?" Here is a true story to back up my case. A couple of years ago I decided to get a personal trainer at my gym to get me started, as I hadn't been there in a while. The day before my first session I started digging like crazy in my closet where I found my moms old aerobic shoes and electric blue "clown-pants" that my sister had made. I threw this on along with a grey cotton tank top and wore this outfit for two months straight. Then I went on a short business trip and managed to squeeze in some gym clothes shopping. When I came back to the gym I saw people looking at me and whispering and I was quite pleased with myself because I thought I was looking so fine in my new gear. I met with my personal trainer and the first thing he blurted out when he saw me was: "We are all so happy that you're not wearing those blue pants anymore". I was not only not-fashionable - people were literally laughing at me! There is one lady that is going to be my role model when it comes to "occasions" and "events". That is Diane Kruger. The German model turned actress and the darling of the photographers wherever she goes. She's not just a stunner - she hits the nail on the head every time.
Xx E

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