Brooklyn Bohemia

Jewelry- and clothing designer Gretchen Jones, the Project Runway season 8 finalist is one stylish lady. She lives in Brooklyn in this rad bohemian apartment which I am totally ready to move into! I love all the art-work on the walls and how creative, cozy and inviting it looks. I also really like her jewelry, especially the necklaces. Gretchen uses organic materials mostly in her designs, something she is very passionate about. Check out her web-shop here
Auf Wiedersehen!
P.s. I'm taking the last picture with me to my hair stylist next time.. I love this color!
Images from top: Refinary 29, Refinary 29, Honestly...WTF, Refinery 29, Refinery 29, Refinery 29, Refinery 29, Gretchen Jones online shop, Zimbio

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