How to be Parisian wherever you are

We do not deny our love of all things French here on the blog and we have declared that love of ours numerous times. Therefore it was especially gratifying to play a role, however a teeny-tiny one, in the making of the chic bookHow to be Parisian wherever you areor rather the making of the cover of the British version of the book ;) In May I received an email from Penguin Random House concerning a book-cover, with an image enclosed (above), found on my Pinterest account and was asked if I knew who had the copyright. I had no idea but I recognized who was in the picture: Emma Elwin, then editor of Swedish Elle, now editor of Rodeo Magazine and an avid fashion blogger. I of course replied back. Months later I received the book by post and a thank you note from Penguin Random House.The book is funny and full of all kinds of tips about how to become the ultimate Parisienne wearing nautical stripes and red lipstick. The images are magnifique and this would be the perfect gift to give to your girlfriends. One of the authors is Caroline de Maigret, the archetype of the modern French it-girl so there is your quality stamp :)

P.s The image above of my breakfast is partly inspired by my first ever meal in Paris in 1993. I had a late dinner with a group of people at a popular and very crowded restaurant which name I forgot. I ordered the omelet. When the plate arrived it contained unrecognizable food and a cigarette bud....Voilà! The waiter returned to the kitchen with the dish without a word so I didn't make a fuzz about the situation and decided instead to enjoy my first evening in this glorious city.

xx Eva

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