Valentines day

So how do you feel about Valentines day? This should be a day where you celebrate love and lovers but somehow it tends to fall in the same category as Monday for many people, a day you love to hate. It is understandable that if you are single... (it's not like you're getting a day off from work) and you are constantly having mushy advertisements shoved down your throat, that this day is nothing in particular other than annoying. So what if you are a couple? You are still not getting a day off from work and the ad's are just as irritating... even more so...because you feel the pressure to do something and buy stuff. I'm not taking parts with neither side. This day has always been pleasantly unremarkable in my calender.That will probably not change. But... it is February (it's not like there is sooo much going on) and celebrating love in whatever shape or form has to be a good thing. 

French toast with strawberries...best served in bed

Pretty peonies...would brighten my day

Cocktails...best served with friends

Paris is always a good idea and I'd love to dine here

xxx Eva

Images: lavenderfresh.tumblr.com, madebygirl.blogspot.com, pinterest.com and see links above

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