French findings

French findings

I'm going to Lyon in June. This will be my third time in the beautiful French city and I can't wait to go there. Most of all I'm looking forward to eating and drinking (!). These are the restaurants i plan to visit (I've been goggle-ing): L'ange di vin, 13 Rue de la Monnaie, 69002. Lello, 231 rue Paul Bert, 69003. Balthazar, 7, Rue des Pierres Plantées, 69001. Les trois Dômes, 20 Quai Gailleton, 69002 (for the view). Mozzato, 63 Rue Mercière, 69002 (lunch-time, for the Mozzarella and rosé). Well, let's see how good I am at following my own plans.  In addition to eating, drinking and strolling the pretty streets of Lyon I might do a little shopping. My definitive stops will berepettoprintemps, diptyque and of course a pharmacy :) 

xxx Eva

1. A.P.C half moon bag (I'm getting this bag!)  /  2. Dyptique Figuier scented candle  /  3. Biafine cream (pharmacy)  /  4. Repetto patent leather loafers  /  5. L'Artisan Parfumeur, Onde Sensuelle perfume

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