Nike free

When planning your vacation outfits the hardest thing to decide on is which shoes to pack. When you plan on doing some serious sight-seeing (shopping) forget heels, they will not take you anywhere. Not even Converse or Stan Smith (bless your soul) can do the job properly. The only shoes that I am able to walk in for a whole day are Nike free. Yes this plebeian shoe delivers what it promises, it makes you free. Free from blisters and sores and tired feet. But the thing is, it's quite hard to style. What can you wear that doesn't scream TOURIST or makes you look like an Easter bunny or soccer player? The answer is: Very sleek and very minimal outfits. Pull it of in black white and grey and you can get away with whatever color feet. Add stripes, leather or camo to your outfit to keep it more interesting.

xxx Eva

Images: befrassy.net, angelswearheels.com, hotbook.com, asos.com

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