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I'm leaving for Paris next week, for work. Thankfully I'll have some time to enjoy the city and maybe do a little shopping. During my Paris research (yes I'm a research freak) for things to see and do this time around, I stumbled across this fascinating piece about an apartment in the 9th arrondissement -Pigalle, that was uncovered in 2010 and up until then it had been locked and preserved exactly as it was left by the owner, a woman named Madame de Florian, who went to the South of France before the World War II, never to return. When she died at the age of 91, the apartment was discovered along with many of well preserved treasures and a thick layer of dust. The rent had been paid dutifully throughout the 70 years and therefore, a portrait painting of Madame de Florian's grandmother by Boldini, one of the Belle epoque masters, among other beautiful items had been hidden all this time. Love this story :)
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(Sources: Caroline de Maigret tumbr/ The Telegraph)


  1. love that you have used bigger versions of the photos for your blog. So many amazing details! I am fascinated by the story.

  2. Thank you :) It is like a little fairytale..