Computer bag/JCrew // Travel size Gypsy water perfume // flat shoes/ Converse
Rain coat/Moncler // Travel pillow for the plane/Grand trunk // Bum bag for wearing cross body/Yvonne Kone // Cashmere travel blanket for the airplane
For the past ten years I have travelled quite a bit, on average 8 trips abroad a year. Well, for today's globe trotting heap - that may not be much - but for moi it's plenty. What I have learnt about myself during this time is that I do not - nor will I ever - know how to pack a suitcase. There are always things missing or I forget to check the weather forecast. I think that a part of the explanation might be that  I still consider travelling to be a glamorous activity. I daydream about sipping champagne in an airport lounge, eating moules et frites in business class, ordering room service at the hotel and strolling around a big city in heels. None of that ever happens of course. Above are some things that I miss repeatedly, but seem to forget about between my trips. The computer bag is maybe not the most practical one (I would prefer one on wheels) but it sure is pretty.
Xx Eva

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