I'm not afraid of the dentist!

Pretty babyface model Abbey Lee Kershaw with gorgeous hair
But I'm terrified of the hair stylist...Even if my hair stylist is my friend and I like my hair most of the time when she has cut or colored it. The problem is that when I go to the hair salon I go there with the intention of having chopped of my split ends and getting a gorgeous honey caramel color, nothing fancy, nothing drastic and nothing too complicated. When I'm there I all of a sudden crave brass colored highlights or even  a black bob with blunt bangs. I know what works for my hair and believe me, brass or bob does not do anything for it. My hair is the very, very fine Scandinavian type, which resembles seaweed on a rock (heard this on Oprah once) and looks best kind of natural. As I told you in this post I colored it myself a few weeks ago. I was opting for a brown color and a little shine, but it turned out black (who was I kidding?) and kind of hideous. Now I'm gathering up my courage to book an appointment and really focus on staying calm and on track when I explain what I want done with the old yarn.
Xx Eva.

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